Roofing Contractor Miami Gardens

At Lake Erie Roofing, we provide roof installation, renovation, and repair services. We also replace old roofing materials with new and lasting structures. Our roofing contractor in Miami Gardens has experience dealing with a whole range of roofing materials, including polymer, asbestos, tile, rubber, and metal.

How does roof installation work?

There are different types of roof installation projects, depending on the roofing material. Many commercial buildings use rubber roofing, whose installation can be quite challenging. Fortunately, our expert roofers have many years of experience and can provide excellent rubber roof installation services.

Installing rubber roofing may involve mopping the entire roof area with warm melted tar. In addition, you may have to measure and cut around all obstacles, including heating units, skylights, and vent pipes.

If your roof has an existing metal, tile or shingle roofing, our roofers will have to remove the current material and apply a coat of tar paper before installing rubber roofing using staples and nails. In addition, we can replace wood roofing that has rotten due to exposure to the elements.

Roofer job duties

Some of the everyday tasks that our roofers undertake include removal of tiles, tar application, roofing installation, and job estimation. You can call us anytime you want a new roof and want to know the expected cost of your roof installation project. We have a reputation for providing accurate and realistic roofing estimates that do not have any hidden fees.

Should I pay a roofer upfront?

When looking for a roofing contractor, it is essential to inquire if they require payment upfront. You should be concerned if a roofer asks for payment before doing any work. However, it is standard practice for some roofers to ask for a deposit before they can proceed with work.

At Lake Erie Roofing, we will not ask you for full upfront payment before we can begin your roofing project. You will only be required to pay the full amount once we finish your roofing project to your satisfaction.

Although deposits are legitimate, it is essential to do some research first. The deposit amount depends on the job. The larger the project, the larger the deposit that may be required. However, the deposit should not be more than a third of the roof project’s total cost.

Best practices

Regardless of the amount of deposit you decide to pay, be sure to pay with check or credit. Avoid paying for your roof installation project with cash. Check and credit provide proof of payment while cash does not.

Lake Erie roofing is a reputable roofing contractor Miami Gardens residents have come to rely on. When you contact us for your roofing project, we will make all terms of payment clear in the contract. In addition, we will answer all questions regarding the terms of the agreement so that you know that you are working with a contractor that has integrity. Call us today to discuss your roofing project.

Roofing Contractor Miami Gardens

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